Friday, March 25, 2011


My normal routine every night is to wait until dark and all The Ladies are in for the night before heading out to lock up.  If I go out before they are settled in, they tend to take longer to turn in because they think they are going to miss out on treats or something if I’m there  rolleyes   Anyway, after I do a head-count, everything is all locked up for the night.

Tonight was a little different.   There was an extra head in the head count…



That’s not how I found him… he (she?) was actually huddled in with the other chickens.  My initial reaction was to try and get him out as quickly as possible, and in that attempt, he tried climbing as far up as he could (which really wasn’t much) to get away from me.

None of the chickens seemed to mind that he was there, but still didn’t make me feel any better.

I didn’t have gloves on or anything, so I ran to the house to grab gloves, a towel and my live animal trap (and of course my camera).  My plan was to put the towel on the guy, put him in the trap and then relocate him somewhere far enough away that I wouldn’t have to worry about him again. 

As all my well-laid plans go, it didn’t work out that way.

I got him out – and wow!  Raccoons sure can have a strong grip on a whole lot of nothing  laughing   I was surprised (and relieved) that he didn’t try to bite me… but I wasn’t quick enough to get him in the trap, so he got away.

I now have to be vigilant to see what’s going to happen next.  Is he going to be so traumatized that he won’t come back?  Or did he make friends with The Ladies, and nothing will prevent him from visiting again?  Will he bring friends?  Will they be hungry?

I think that I am going to try and set the trap and see if I can catch him anyway.  I would feel a whole lot better if I knew he was gone…


Anonymous said...

Wow! The most I've had in my enclosure was a robin - oh and loads of red mite of course! Maybe this will turn out to be one of those strange but beautful relationships...

stephanie said...

the least he/she should have done was dress up like a chicken!