Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet The Boys




This is Indiana – he is the oldest of the Boys, at four years old.  In llama years, he is all grown up and I can start using him to carry a pack whenever I am ready.  I can tell that he’s seen-it-all-before…  He’s pretty laid back and patient about most things.  He also knows what he likes and what he doesn’t.  When it was really hot out, I was looking for ways to cool the Boys off – I had read that llamas like to get cooled off with the garden hose.  Indiana does NOT like the garden hose  rolleyes



Say ‘Hello’ to Dalai – he is two years old and a teenager in llama years.  He could carry very light loads now, but really shouldn’t carry a full pack for about another year.  I am very lucky to get him – when I went to visit Leisure Acres Llamas to shop for llamas, he had already been sold to someone else.  When Sonja, the owner of the farm, found out that I wanted to get llamas for packing, she said that he would be an excellent packer and would see if the person who had bought him would be interested in possibly taking a different llama so I could have him.  The stars must have been aligned in my favor and Dalai is mine  smile   I think that Sonja was right – he is going to be my super-star packer.  When he sees me coming with the halters, he is the first one in line wanting to go out!



Meet Harry – he is still a baby at only a year old.  All of the Boys are handsome, but Harry is definitely the Pretty Boy of the three – when he grows up, he is going to be a heart-throb to any Lady Llamas out there  laughing   Harry likes attention and is eager to please – especially if I happen to have a handful of llama feed on me…  I just have to be careful that he learns his manners and isn’t too friendly around people – that would be problem when he is full grown.

Altogether, I think that the three Boys I have now are perfect for me and I am anticipating many, many fun adventures together!

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