Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still Scorpio

I’m not super-deep into astrology and horoscopes, but I do find them fun and entertaining.    I was born under the sign Scorpio, which I was very happy with.  

Even tho’ I don’t see logically how a description of a an astrological sign could possibly apply to everyone born under that sign, when I read about Scorpios or a daily horoscope, I tend to look at the similarities that apply to me and feel comfortable with the way they seem to fit.

That all changed this week, when it was announced that the dates for the zodiac signs had changed a bit  - including a new one added to the lot.  I had changed from Scorpio to Libra.  Ugh.  Scorpio was fun… a scorpion has personality – I don’t think the same could be said of a set of scales… except maybe bor-ing.   I was happy being a Scorpio, notsomuch a Libra.

Fortunately, I’m a Scorpio again!  Not that I really believe in horoscopes  rolleyes


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