Monday, September 3, 2012

Field Trip – Batavia

So two days after Dalai learned to get in and out of the trailer, we headed off on our first field trip.  My sister owns a whole bunch of acres of land, so that was our destination:  it was still private land, in case we ran into any trouble, but still someplace new for The Boys to experience…

When we first arrived, I put The Boys out on picket lines until after we ate and got settled in.  They did fine – they were more than happy to graze away while waiting.  Then the fun began…  The kids love The Boys – especially my nephew – he couldn’t wait to go out walking with them!  (He looks a little worried in the picture, but that’s just how he looks when he says ‘Cheese!’ for the camera laughing )


Ready to go!


So once everyone decided who they wanted to lead, off we went…


Off we go!


The Boys did really well.  The only thing I noticed was that at the beginning Harry seemed like he was worried that everyone was going to leave him  behind (I had him at the back of the line).  By the end of the day, he figured out that no one was going to leave him and he did great. 







When it was time to go, The Boys all loaded onto the trailer easily.  The tricky part came when we got home – it was after dark.  I hadn’t thought about how to unload The Boys at night, but it went well once I got a flashlight.  They all got off the trailer nicely and we made to their field without any incidents.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the day an 8  smile

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