Monday, September 3, 2012

Llamas and Chickens

So the one question I get from everyone is “How do the llamas and chickens get along?”

The answer has kind of evolved.  At the beginning, neither couldn’t have cared less about the other.  Over the weeks however, The Ladies have taken a keen interest in The Boys.  Every evening now, when I picket The Boys, The Ladies come over to visit.



I’d like to think that they really like each other, but in reality it’s probably the fact that with all of us out in the back fields, we kick up a lot of the the grasshoppers and crickets.  We make easy meals for The Ladies   rolleyes



I’ll bet you never saw a chicken cross a picket line before….  laughing 


crossing the picket line...


Chicken?  What chicken?

 What chicken?

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