Monday, September 5, 2011


August is over… Where, oh where, did the summer go????


  • I set the trap for a couple more weekends and haven’t had any takers, so I think that any raccoons that have been visiting me are gone.  For now anyway.


  • Doctors can be very testy when you haven’t gone to see them for a while.


  • Tetanus shots hurt just as much as I remember.  I just don’t remember them making me feel sick before.


  • After much blood, sweat and tears (literally), I finally have my tractor fixed.  And I got it done for under $50 – which is a far cry from the $150 the shop wanted to charge me just to get the tractor to the garage.  You have no idea how relieved I am that it’s done and I feel as though a lot of stress has been lifted off my shoulders.  I have the property cleaned up and now I can work on some other projects.


  • I forgot how much bee stings hurt.  And itch.


  • I’m happy to say that the Guineas are still around and the babies are getting big!  It was funny watching them actually jump to reach branches over their head.  I don’t know what it was they were eating, but they wanted them pretty badly  laughing

Guinea family still here!

  • I was very excited to find a way to put the stuff on my DVR onto a DVD.


  • I’ve become addicted to vanilla malted milkshakes.


  • I hate whoever makes the decisions of what goes on TV.  A good show like Eureka is cancelled, but they put on crap like Whisker Wars.  Bah.


  • In the world of yard care, Weed B Gon and Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer are the best products on the market.  I couldn’t believe what a good job the Weed B Gon did on my very neglected lawn.  And the Spectracide works leaps and bounds better than Roundup.


Out of all the things I wanted to accomplish this Labor Day weekend, I didn’t get very many done.  I am so lazy.