Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been pretty lucky... I haven't been sick in a long time - probably four or five years at least (not counting my back problems). The past couple of months, it seems like I've been having health issues pop up one after the other. Not feeling good is so not fun. It's even more not fun when you get a long weekend off from work and end up spending most of it home in bed hacking up a storm. Ugh. I think next year, it's time for a booster flu shot.

I am not a water drinker. Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy because I don't like to drink water. I think everyone is crazy because they do like to drink water. I really don't understand why. It tastes awful - and it doesn't matter if it is bottled or from the tap. Yuck. However, that being said, I decided for a little while to try drinking water to see if it would help me feel better health-wise. I couldn't say if it helped or not - my experiment didn't last very long. I repeat: water = yuck.

During my short-lived water drinking trial, I did come across something that aroused my curiosity: Who came up with the term 'Eco-Shape Bottle'? I would understand an 'Ergonomically-Shaped Bottle' or even an 'Eco-Friendly Bottle', but 'Eco-Shape'???? What a dumb name.

One of my chickens has started laying eggs again - I hope that means that spring is around the corner. I usually don't mind winter, but this year is beginning to border on ridiculous. It's the wind that makes everything so miserable - I'm really tired of wind chills constantly in the single digits. What good is winter if you can't go out and enjoy it? I'm ready for spring.

I did get treated to see Stomp over the weekend at Shea's. I haven't been to Shea's in a really long time - the theater was just as fancy as I remembered. And even tho' I wasn't feeling 100%, I still enjoyed the show a lot. I've wanted to see Stomp perform for a quite a while, and I'm glad I finally got to. Thanks again Randy :-)

Even tho' this video is old, I just came across it again. I still find it as funny as I did the first time I saw it.