Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When I was a kid, one of the things I enjoyed was bowling. I started out on Saturday morning leagues and then graduated to night league bowling. I bowled on a league for probably ten or eleven years. Then for some reason, bowling became a very expensive hobby. I don't know why, but the weekly costs skyrocketed and it got to the point I couldn't afford it any more.

When I began, my Mom let me use her old bowling ball so I wouldn't have to use an alley ball. Using the same ball helped me to be a more consistent bowler. The weight was good for me, but it wasn't the prettiest bowling ball - it had a black and white swirly pattern on it. I don't know what my Mom was thinking when she bought it - to put it bluntly, it was ugly. But then again, it was mine to use and I didn't have to worry about anyone stealing it :)

I used Mom's ball for a couple of years, and then one year for my birthday I got to pick out my very own bowling ball. I chose a kind of pearly maroon-ish colored one. The holes were drilled to fit my hand and I even got my name stamped in it. I was really happy with that ball and it served me well for the rest of my bowling career - I was a pretty fair bowling with about a 165 average.

Bowling balls have definitely evolved from those days. There are really gorgeous ones out now - and I am just talking about aesthetics, not the innards that make the ball hook or grip the alley better or stuff like that. If I were ever to start bowling again - a big improbability due to my back and shoulder - I found the bowling ball I would choose to buy:

Is that or is that not the coolest bowling ball ever???

And I guess that if you have it drilled in the right place and throw it the right way, you can make it look like the eye is looking at you as it goes down the lane. I would love to see one of these in action. Why didn't they make these thirty years ago?!!

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Anonymous said...

That is the greatest bowling ball I've ever seen!

I want one!