Sunday, July 18, 2010

Broodiness Update

A non-broody Cocoa

For those who aren’t up to speed, I’m dealing with my first broody chicken

Well my hopes are up.  It looks like 40 hours of solitary confinement may have done the trick for our little Cocoa.  I let her outside today and she did not head straight for the coop.  She was not all puffy and clucky.  She actually played nicely with the other Ladies all day (it was really nice seeing all five Ladies together again)    And as far as I can tell, she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards me.   And when she turned in for the night, she perched on top of a nesting box – not in one 

Now we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Hopefully she’s given up any ideas of trying to hatch the nothing she was sitting on and she’ll start laying again this week!   crossed fingers