Thursday, February 24, 2011


There hasn’t been much happening around here worth writing about lately… 


  • My back went out on me, so I was miserable for a while until it started working again.  It’s still a little tight, but it’s nice to be able to put my shoes on in less than ten minutes.


  • Give me snow and cold temperatures over rain and mud any day of the week.  Except if it’s windy.  I don’t like cold and wind.


  • It’s amazing how someone who wears an iPod all day can’t hear you calling him twenty times trying to get his attention, but can somehow magically hear a private conversation you’re having with someone else twenty feet away.


  • The snowplow took out my mailbox, which I find very annoying.  I mail a lot of packages, so I had made a larger mailbox that would accommodate my needs… the town had replaced it with a standard mailbox.  So until I can make and install a replacement, I have to make a lot of extra trips to the Post Office.  Meh.


  • This season of Survivor is going to be most awesome.


  • My car now has the back door/hatch that swings open.  The last time I went grocery shopping, I made sure to park so that I would have no problem loading my groceries in the back…


So when I returned to my car, this is what I saw…

How NOT to park! 

Really?  sigh3


  • I upgraded my email program.  It now allows me to access email accounts that it wouldn’t before – pretty much accounts I use for things that I’m know I’m going to get spam with.  I wasn’t thinking when I hit that last ‘enter’ button… I had to wait quite a bit while I waited for the 877 emails to download.  That’s when I learned that the upgrade eliminated the ‘stop’ button.


So as you can see, not a whole lot has been going on…  I guess no news is good news  shrug


stephanie said...

As I was reading of your lament for wind, your little weather jobby thing was showing blowing snow.

Sorry to hear about your back and mailbox. Beh.


Jill said...

I love love love YoWindow! I like watching it full screen sometimes and fast-forwarding through the days :)

I like the way it adjusts through the seasons - they had lights on the house for Christmas and I love the blinking snowman they have now... I wonder what they are going to do for spring/Easter.

Thanks for the sympathy :)