Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last week my sister got a new puppy.

This weekend I’m “baby” sitting her already  laughing

I miss having a dog around since Mittsy left me. Casey is soooo cute – but because she’s so little, she needs a lot of watching…  If I were to get my own dog again, I think I’d have to get one that’s a little older and already house-trained.  I feel like I’m taking her outside every hour, just to make sure that she doesn’t make a mess in the house  rolleyes  I think for now, just having a part-time dog is perfect for me.

She still has that irresistible puppy-breath and those oh-so-cute puppy-paws…

I found out that she’s afraid of The Ladies, but even tho’ they are three times her size and ten times her number, The Ladies are even more afraid of her  laughing   Of course that made it impossible to get any good chicken-and-dog pictures 



Sleepy Casey

…and she can fall asleep anywhere  laughing

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