Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still Here

Yes, I know.  I am so far behind on posting, it’s not funny.

First off, we all survived Sandy relatively unscathed.  The storm hit land at the right place and time for our area and we ended up only experiencing some moderately heavy winds (~45-60 mph) and lots of rain.  There really wasn’t any flooding, but the ditches are still full and the yard is still super soggy.  Saturday is supposed to be the first chance at a dry day.




A new job.  A new schedule.  A lot of adjustment.  sigh3

Getting home later and getting dark earlier, I can’t work with The Boys as intensely as before, but we are still working on little things until the longer days are here again.


You can lead a llama to water...

Haltering is no big deal for any of The Boys anymore.  Staking them out in various parts of the yard:  Old hat.  The only thing I have to be careful about here is making sure that Indiana always gets taken out in the middle – he does not like to be left by himself.  As long as he knows where either Harry or Dalai is, he’s fine.  Otherwise, he gets pretty anxious.  That will have to be something we’ll have to work on once the nice weather returns. The other guys don’t care if they are staked out by themselves for a bit until everyone else arrives.

Touching all over – including their heads – no problem while they are haltered… we’re working on that while they are loose in their field.  Indiana and Harry are pretty good about it – Dalai is still a little skittish in that department.  No problem checking their front feet… we’re working on the back feet now.




When I couldn’t rely on just grass for them to eat, I quickly learned that I needed to employ the same feeding method I had to use with The Ladies with their treats to keep the peace:  Everyone needs their own pile.  As long as no one has to share, everyone seems happy.  Even if someone decides that another pile looks better, that’s OK, because the one being pushed out still has an unattended pile they can claim. 

At first I had to keep the piles pretty spread out, but now The Boys have no problem eating right next to each other.  As long as they each have their own pile  smile  They don’t really care about anyone else’s pile anymore.

We had a couple field trips planned since we went to the Erie County Forest, but the weather did not cooperate on either occasion, so we never got out.  With hunting season in full swing, I think that we will wait before we plan any more field trips.


Some bunny sees you


Anonymous said...

I bet your llamas were quite soggy after Sandy too, weren't they?

Jill said...

I think that warm rain doesn't bother them, now that it's getting cold out, they are tending to seek shelter a little more often :)