Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool Beans

So between the rabbits and the rain, my garden didn't really stand much of a chance this year. I guess it is what it is.

The one bright spot was my green peppers - they were definitely very happy with this summer's weather.

The first harvest

Too bad I don't like peppers. My friends and family are enjoying the fruits - I mean vegetables - of my labors, tho'. (Or is a green pepper a fruit?) I'm still picking a few each week.

And just like everyone else, my tomatoes have the fungus that's going around. I lost a lot of tomatoes to it, but I still picked - and still am picking - a ton of good fruit. Fresh homegrown tomatoes are the highlight of my garden every year and as long as I have these, I'm a happy camper. I figured out that if I pick them just when they start turning red, most of the tomatoes ripen perfectly on my kitchen counter. I must have taken about ten pounds of (good!) tomatoes to my Mom's this weekend. I think chili is going to be on the menu soon :)

These are some bad tomatoes :)

My cucumber plants don't look that great... There's a glimmer of hope that I might get a few cucumbers before we get a frost, but it's so late in the season I doubt it.

Look at how cute!

I replanted beets after the rabbits ate the first batch. I don't have much hope for any beets either... but that's mostly because they got shaded out by my cherry tomato plants...

I'm beet!

The underdog story of my garden this year is my green beans. The rabbits were kind enough to leave one - yes, just one - bean plant to grow.

Doesn't it look so lonely?

I'm really surprised it grew at all. And what's even more surprising is that I might get a few beans from it. Does anyone know of any recipes that calls for only three or four green beans?

Cool beans!

Project sunflower never got underway. I plan on trying out my idea next year, tho'. I let my volunteer sunflower grow. It seemed pretty happy this summer too.

So there you have it. No strawberries. No lettuce. No peas. No corn. My dill grew, but without cucumbers it doesn't do me much good... Here's hoping for more success next year!

And what would an entry be without a picture of a chicken?

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