Monday, December 3, 2007


It seems like I've blinked my eyes and over a week has gone by. Where does the time go??? It's tough remembering everything that's been going on - but here are some of the highlights, in no particular order:

Brought about by events that happened the day after Thanksgiving, last Monday was a pretty crappy day at work. Fortunately, the situation was pretty much rectified the next day.

We found out that our work schedule will be changing for the two weeks before Christmas. It's going to be a couple of nerve-wracking weeks - I don't feel ready for what we are going to be doing. Ugh.

I am happy to share the fact that postponing my Christmas shopping has paid off... Had I finished all my shopping by now, one of the gifts I would have purchased would have been thwarted. Procrastination does have it's advantages :) That being said, no one should be allowed to buy anything for themselves during the holidays.

I got to tag along on a trip to Brasher Falls (pronounced 'Brazier Falls' - don't ask... I have no idea) this past weekend. I can say that I now actually know someone on the Internet Movie Database in person. Honestly - just how cool is that? Not only was Scott in a movie, but he does stand up comedy. That's why we were in Brasher Falls - to see his show. He's a nice guy and really funny. Randy and I were hoping to do some caching while in the area too, but the weather just didn't cooperate :(

I found out today that the insurance plan I have from my new job has a really sucky prescription plan. I'm still in shock at how much prescriptions cost. The good news is, I found out that I'm really 3/4" taller than I thought I was.

I'm behind watching Survivor and The Amazing Race, but I did catch Heroes tonight. Loved the season finale... I know that it's going to be waaaaay too long before next season starts. Did anyone catch the show that was on after A Charlie Brown Christmas last week? It was definitely a new Charlie Brown show. And it was definitely awful. They should just stick to the classics.

I also learned this past week that there are uncut clips of Star Blazers on You Tube. Randy and I have been watching the series on DVD. I absolutely loved the series when I was a kid, and we are having a lot of fun rewatching the series. Randy is the first person I have ever come across that had ever heard of Star Blazers before, much less watched it. (How cool is that?) Anyway, as a kid, I never would have guessed that they had cut out parts of the show - and I was surprised to see what they had cut. The show had a lot more violence than they would allow on American TV back then, I guess. Another nice thing I learned was that there are episodes of Prince Planet on You Tube, too - another show I loved as a kid. It's amazing how much anime has changed over the years. The only problem is that I don't have time to keep up with regular TV, much less time to catch up on all this other fun stuff. You Tube is one of mankind's greatest inventions.

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