Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cooped Up

I haven't been sick in a long time. Fortunately I'm not really sick - I think I missed the worst of a sore throat, but I'm still sneezing and coughing a lot. If this lasts much longer, I think I'm going to regret not getting a flu shot this year.

To say that yesterday was a stressful day at work is a huge understatement.

My chickens really surprised me this morning when I went out to make sure that they had food and water and to clean out the coop. Since the weather has gotten cold out, they've been pretty much hanging out inside their coop, only venturing outside when I throw them some extra goodies. Except the other day. Mr. Rooster got a little discombobulated. He was funny... he wanted to run out of my way, except he really didn't want to put his feet in the snow. He actually flew quite a bit away, which really surprised me. Their pinions are clipped, so supposedly the chickens can't fly any big distances. Mr. Rooster managed some pretty good flying, tho'. When he landed on top of one of my out-buildings, I really thought that either I wouldn't see him again, or he would be stuck there. In the end, he joined the Ladies as he should have. But he didn't touch much snow :) I feel a lot better now knowing the fact that if a coyote or fox got near them, my chickens would have a fighting chance of getting away - which is good. But anyway, getting back to this morning - I went to get some feed and stuff and lo and behold, there were my chickens wandering around. I think that either they were getting antsy being cooped up all the time (Hee hee - get it? Cooped up? I made a funny!), or they have finally gotten used to the snow and decided that it was OK to walk around in it. Either way, I was really surprised to see them out and about.

And while we are on the subject of the chickens, I am happy to say that their feathers are all filling in rather nicely and aren't so scraggly-looking any more. Except for one of the hens, but I think that she is just behind schedule from the rest of them. Mr. Rooster is turning back to his manly, handsome self again...

It seems like lately I've been doing a lot of stuff, but not really getting much done, if that makes any sense. I really need to work on my prioritizing and accomplishing more things from my Must Do list as opposed to my Want To Do list. That sure doesn't sound like fun. ~sigh~

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