Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am *still* tired.

Yesterday I spent over twelve hours working in the basement. When I was finally done last night, I couldn't keep my eyes open - I was asleep early! There is no radiant floor heat in the house yet, but we are closer. My Uncle and Randy came over yesterday and we got bunches done. Things are getting changed a little from the original plan, but the changes will definitely make things more comfortable once the system is up and running. I can't wait until it's done :) At least now the manifold is hooked up to the water heater - yay! I feel very lucky to have people willing to help me with this project. My goal is to have the system up and running Thanksgiving weekend - we'll see.

Every day this week, when I got home from work, I checked the chicken coop. I kept hoping that maybe some of my chickens had survived the attack and had come back home. Sadly, none have appeared. I had a dream last night that the two gray chickens and one of the babies came back. That is so weird. Who dreams about *chickens*??? I'm going to try chickens again in the spring - I'll have all winter to come up with a foolproof plan to keep them safe.

I've mentioned before how hard it is to get stuff done working Monday thru Friday 9-5. This week I ran out of stamps. I like the collector stamps - not the plain stamps that you always get at the supermarkets. Not being able to get to the post office to pick out pretty stamps (and not wanting to stand in line forever on Saturdays), I tried ordering stamps online. It costs an extra dollar for them to be delivered to your house, but other than that they are sold at face value. This is a trial run for me - if it works the way the post office says it does, that's probably how I'll order my stamps from now on. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? :)

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