Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been a few of days since the election, which should be enough time for me not to blog a knee-jerk reaction to the results. I still feel the same way I did Wednesday morning when I saw who is our new President - not happy.

I am afraid of my taxes going up. I am afraid of the number of people on welfare going up. I am afraid of having to support them. I am afraid of what he wants to do with health care. I'm afraid for the security of our country. If something happens to Obama, I'm afraid of Biden. I am afraid of all the people that think his ideas for change are good. I am really afraid.

I know they say that change happens slowly. I *really* hope that any of the scary changes will happen veeeeeerrrrrrryyyyy slowly. Time will tell.


So who is more annoying: The person that is driving way under the speed limit, or the five people between me and that person that won't pass him/her?


I had ice cream for dinner tonight.

Yum :)

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