Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So there - my taxes are done. Filled out and filed. One more item off my list of things-to-do in my life.

To follow up on what happened the first time I tried to do my taxes this year, I used FreeTaxUSA this time instead of TaxAct.

This was a much better experience. There were no advertisements every other screen that were trying to get me to buy things I didn't want. As a matter-of-fact, there was no advertising at all that I can remember - except at the very beginning. While filling in the screens, it was nice to have enough characters allotted in the boxes so that I could fill in whole addresses without having to abbreviate. And the cost for filing my State taxes was cheaper.

My Federal return turned out about the same as it did the first time with TaxAct, but with my State return, I ended up getting a small refund. Very small mind you, but I didn't have to pay. So I don't know what TaxAct was trying to pull, but I won't be using that program ever again.

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