Sunday, March 15, 2009

Miscellany Sunday

Some miscellany stuff today...

Thank you - First off, a big thank you is in order to Becky from Clarence Grad 72 for reminding me that we have a wonderful resource in Peter's Blogger Tips and Tricks blog - Thanks Becky!

Thank you again - Next is a big thanks to Peter for answering my questions so I could get rid of those stupid error messages - Thanks Peter!

Taken Aback - I don't know what rock I've been hiding under, but I don't know how I missed the fact that the extra $13 a week we are getting in our paychecks as part of the 'stimulus' package is only a result of an adjustment of our Federal withholding. Basically, the money that we are getting in our checks now will be that much less that we will be getting back in the form of our Federal tax refund next year. I'm pretty sure that most people don't realize this and we are going to hear a lot about it during next year's filing season when everyone is upset over their smaller refunds. This sucks for me in the fact that I count on that refund every year to pay for my car insurance. Now I have to make sure that I am saving that $13 a week so I won't fall short next year. Some stimulus plan, huh?

*Update* - After some thinking, I figured out what I'm going to do... I'm going to increase my Federal withholding so that I won't have to worry about next year.

Haunting - My sister thinks that my Dad is haunting her house. Over the past week she has had a few unexplained things happen. Yesterday we had the final service for my Dad. We'll see if he's still going to visit her :)

Nesting - The stupid starlings are trying to nest in my dryer vent again. I think I came up with a better solution than I did last year, so hopefully this battle is over before it begins. And speaking of birds, I saw my first robin yesterday. Hopefully that means spring isn't too far away - it may have looked nice outside today, but it was still cold!

More Bad News - I found out that a friend of mine has stage 3 lung cancer. He doesn't smoke and is barely out of his 30's. I hate this helpless feeling. All I can do is pray for Erwin and his family.

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