Monday, November 9, 2009


Sunday was such a nice day and I had plans to get a million things done.  Unfortunately I spent the day jumping from project to project and wasn’t able to put the “Finished” checkmark on anything 

One of the things I did work on was cleaning out the garden.  I picked the last of the veggies for the year – Happily, I actually did end up getting some beets from my second planting…  I’m going to attempt to make Harvard beets with them.  I’ve always loved Harvard beets from the jar, but I’ve never had them homemade before.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that what I make will be just as good!


The chickens are enjoying our Indian Summer days – it’s like they know that they have to find all the grasshoppers they can now because in a little while they will be gone until spring…

I laugh every time I  see the cochins running around – they are just so funny looking…

My Fluffy Nugget


Watch out – chicken on steroids coming through!




Fluffy Chicken Butts


Banana's Butt

Have you ever seen such a big fat, feathery, fuzzy butt before?????? 


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