Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Things

To steal a line from Craig from BUFFALOg… Pigs are flying and dogs and cats are getting along – I almost fell over when I saw this news story.  I have mixed feelings of disbelief, shock and extreme happiness in the fact that Governor Patterson is actually not forcing us to get new license plates next year.  Maybe it’s sinking in that we don’t need/can’t afford more fees and taxes.  Hopefully the trend will continue 

And then I saw this story which made me just as happy if not happier – we won’t have to worry about She-Never-Did-Anything-For-Us Hillary Clinton coming back to New York (hopefully).

I should have bought a lottery ticket today 

As a side note, I couldn’t stand Russell on Survivor, but after this past week, I have a love-hate view of him.  I hate the way he talks about people, but I love the way he’s playing the game.  I can’t wait to see how much longer he can hang in there…

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