Friday, October 22, 2010

Chicken Spat?

It’s interesting to see that chickens can be like people in many ways...  They have favorite foods.  They have favorite places they like to hang out.  They have friends that they prefer to hang with and others that they can take or leave.  They have routines that they like to follow.

Sleeping arrangements also fall under the heading of routines.

For a bit of background information… here is a side view of the inside of their coop:

Side View of Coop

…and here is a bird’s eye view:Top View of Coop  This is the normal sleeping arrangements of The Ladies:

Normal Sleeping ArrangementsBut the last couple of nights things have changed up a bit….

New Sleeping ArrangementsI kind of feel bad for Cocoa, but I think that she really must have done something bad to be shunned by the others at night – I don’t think that Nugget moved to be warm because she has more feathers than the other four put together...  Then again, Cocoa might be happy by herself… we all need our own space sometimes  rolleyes   When they are out of their pen, I haven’t noticed any difference in their behavior towards one another, so maybe Cocoa snores or something and Nugget can’t take it anymore - I guess time will tell if they will work it out or not…

And for Nic…  

F5 Bars

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