Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello Blog.

It’s been a while… but there really hasn’t been much happening that I felt was worth sharing.  I went to see a medium for the first time this past year, which was kind of interesting, I’ve lost a couple of my Ladies and I took care of a bunch of medical stuff I’ve been putting off, but other than that, not much else to report.

Except for the fact that I finally got my llamas  woot

I’ve been wanting llamas since I went on my first llama trek in the Rockies over twelve years ago (see my profile picture!).  It’s been a long time in the works (and still a work in progress), but my dream is finally coming true  smile

I’ve had them a little over a month now, so I’ll be doing a little back-tracking on their progress, but for now – meet The Boys…

The Boys

They all have their registered names, but I renamed for myself… 
The guy in the middle is Indiana (as in Indiana Jones)
The guy on the right is Harry (as in Harry Potter)
And the guy on the left is Dalai (as in Dalai Lama – get it?  laughing )

I’m training them to be pack llamas.  I want to use them for hiking and camping – they will carry my stuff (how cool is that?!!) 

Stay tuned!

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