Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet & Greet

After The Boys came home, of course everyone wanted to see them – so after they had a week to settle in, we had a Meet & Greet…  My family and some friends came over to find out why in world I ever wanted llamas  rolleyes

The event went reasonable well.  I was a bit dismayed because The Boys didn’t really walk very easily around their field.  I found out later that they just don’t like being led around in their field – once outside their fence, they are (almost) perfect gentlemen on the lead.  Go figure  shrug

…But all-in-all, The Boys showed the pinnacle of patience with everything that was going on and I was amazed at how good they all were with my 5-year-old nephew and 3-year-old niece.








Yeah…. I think I’m going to have some converts  laughing

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