Wednesday, March 18, 2009


While driving home from shopping tonight, I saw some signs up advertising the upcoming Maple Weekends. I don't know why, but I was thinking that the Maple Weekends were in February and that I had missed it this year.

I was disappointed to see that there is only one farm from Niagara County participating in the event. I think that there were three or four last year.

That being said, it looks like one of my neighbors is tapping his trees for sap. I don't remember seeing anyone around here doing that before, so if this is his first year, I wish him luck! The whole process is actually quite interesting. Maybe one day when I'm all caught up on the stuff that I *need* to do around the house, I might take the time to experiment on some tree tapping myself. I'll have to scout my property and see exactly what kind of trees I have...

I've still been feeling down, and it just seems like nothing is going right lately. I decided that I was going to try and lighten things up for myself by trying to make a crock pot dessert. I remember seeing some that looked yummy from the list I had posted a while back. I went to look up one of the recipes only to find that the site has been taken down. ~heavy sigh~

I couldn't find anything else online that seemed to pique my interest. Lesson learned: If you see a recipe that you think that you might want to try someday, write it down or print it out.

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