Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trying Again

As I've mentioned before, I decided that I am going to get chickens again. Yesterday I ordered them, and I am so excited! They won't be arriving until the middle of May - that seems so far away...

Because the minimum order for chicks is 25, I went in with a few other people so we would have enough for the order. This is going to be an interesting process - there are a lot of pros and cons to ordering chickens as opposed to the free ones I got before:

Pros -
  • I got to pick out the breed of chickens that I really want
  • I'm pretty much guaranteed that all the chickens will be hens
  • Baby chicks are soooooo cute
Cons -
  • They aren't free
  • I'm going to have to double check, but I don't think that the chicks come tagged, so I'm going to have to figure out which chicks are which breed - I'm the one that will be receiving the order :)
This is going to be a whole different ball game raising these chicks. Last time I had Mama Chicken doing all the work. This time I'm going to have to be Mama Chicken. I'm still looking forward to it tho' :)

I ordered 6 chicks:

Two Buff Cochins - I couldn't find a good hen picture, but this is what the roosters look like... the hens just have a smaller tail and smaller comb and wattle (are these cool or what?) :

Two New Hamphire Reds - I think that my Brown Chicken was a NHR and I really liked her, so that's why I ordered these:

And I ordered two Red Stars - they are supposed to be prolific layers of brown eggs, so I thought I'd give them a try:

And then to round out the bunch, I'm taking a rooster from my sister. It's one of the chickens that I had given her and therefore survived The Disaster. She won't let me have Mr. Rooster back - Mr. Rooster is a lot more handsome than his son. You'll see what I mean when I get a picture of him.

Right now I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas - May won't get here fast enough!

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