Friday, February 27, 2009


It's been a depressing week.

My Dad was moved to another facility again - now he's even farther away. On the days I go to visit after work, I can't count on doing anything else. By the time I get home, I eat and it's time for bed.

The raise I needed at work didn't come through, so I am actively job-hunting again. Talk about a time-suck.

I've been working little-by-little insulating my basement now that the radiant floor heat is working. Normally, I have no trouble when working with the pink insulation. I know that they say you're supposed to wear gloves and protective clothing when putting in the stuff, but it's never bothered me, so I never worried about it. Now they yellow stuff - yikes! I've learned the hard way that yellow is waaaaay different than pink.

I was putting an insulation blanket on the hot water tank that I'm using to heat my floors. The blanket is yellow insulation, not pink. I never thought twice about not using gloves or anything - Boy, did I pay for that mistake! For the next day I felt like I had fallen into a massive field of stinging nettles. Even after showering and washing what felt like a million times, my skin still hurt.

Moral of this story: Yellow insulation = Use lots of protection

It was a bad day at work today too, which didn't help my mood.

It seems that the only good excitement I had this week was learning about some Firefox add-ons that Al talked about on his blog. My absolute favorite is the IE Tab. I never have to use IE ever again! Whoever invented this is a genius :)

Other things that were new to me that I really liked:
- FEBE Firefox Environment Backup Extension
- Foxmarks
- PC Decrapifier

And then while looking around at the other add-ons in the Firefox collection, I found this one that I really liked - Fission.

Here's hoping things start looking up - I hate feeling this way.

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