Thursday, February 19, 2009


Asteria Hanover posted this really fun website - The Hero Factory. Turn yourself into a superhero! It's a lot of fun. Here's me as a hero...

Cool or what? :P

As a University of Buffalo alumnus, I am sent newsletters and the like that keep me up-to-date on the university goings on. In the last email I got from the Alumni Association, there was a section called 'Research Spotlight' which had the article preview:

A desktop software package that will help reduce drifting of snow on roadways has been developed by Stuart Chen, professor of civil, structural and environmental engineering.

Wow! A computer program that will tell snow where it can and can't go? Amazing!

Obviously that's not what the program does, but at first glance, that's what they make it sound like.

Maybe I could use my new super powers and slice away at rogue snow drifts and keep them at bay - away from the unsuspecting highways and byways of mere mortals.... Hmmmm :)

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