Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hide and Seek

This summer I got me some chickens. I was planning on getting some someday, but I had the opportunity to get some free ones, so I pushed my time line up and took advantage of the deal early this summer.

I really like having the chickens... Lots of fresh eggs and they are very entertaining. And once I got everything set up, they are very low maintenance - although I suspect that will change once winter sets in and they are more confined...

Usually the only time I have them fenced in is at night. Before it gets dark, they go to their coop to roost for the night and I make sure that the gate and doors are secured to keep out any fox or raccoons or anything else that might be looking for a chicken buffet overnight. During the daylight hours when I'm home, I like watching them roam the yard. They are especially fun to watch when they are chasing/catching grasshoppers.

That all changed a week ago. I volunteered to temporarily watch my sister's dog, Sadie. Sadie discovered that it's fun to chase chickens before we could stop her. But I think that once was enough to scar the poor birds. Now, as soon as they hear the jingle of Sadie's collar when she goes outside, the chickens disappear. Where they go, I have no idea. They are on the property somewhere, but I can't figure out where they are hiding. From the first time Sadie goes outside on any given day, the chickens are nowhere to be seen until they turn in at night. The yard seems so empty without them wandering around. I really hope that when Sadie goes back home, they won't be playing hide and seek anymore. I guess I'll find out in another week.

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