Sunday, April 6, 2008


I think it's here.

I'm hoping.

I'm crossing my fingers.

I think spring is finally here! We've had a couple of really nice days - nice temperatures anyway. The forecast for the week looks promising, too. It doesn't look like the rain will be taking much of a break, but at least the temperatures will more enjoyable. I am starting to get that itch to get the garden going, so I not only want warmer weather, but I want it dry.

I'm just never happy, am I?

I guess it's good that I can't get out in the garden right now, anyway. I am so sore and I still can't believe the reason why - but I can sum it up in one word: Wii.

Randy got himself a Wii. Wii's are totally great, but I still can't believe that one can get bodily pain from playing a video game. I didn't play what I consider a whole lot since he got it on Wednesday - a few games of bowling, a game of baseball, two games of tennis and a bunch of carnival games. And that was over a four day period, so it's not like I've been playing 24/7 for a month straight or something... I guess I'm not the first one to experience this, but sheesh!

And finally - announcing Buffalo's first Improv-a-thon!

ComedySportz will be holding 29-1/2 hours of improvised comedy to raise money to send a team to Portland for the National Championship competition. If you're local - come down the Historic Riveria Theater in North Tonawanda and support these guys! The Improv-a-thon begins at 4 pm on Saturday, April 26th and ends at 9:30 pm on Sunday, April 27th. There will be food, prizes and a Chinese Auction. Come for an hour or stay as long as you want - they are funny and will have you laughing the whole time... Some of the guys are going to try to play for the whole 29-1/2 hours. That will be worth seeing!

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