Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trivia Weekend

The University of Wisconsin at Steven's Point is home to the World's Largest Trivia Contest. Fifty-four hours of trivia, music, food and fun. I used to belong to a team, but it got to the point that I couldn't put the time into preparing for the game anymore. It takes a *lot* of time to collect notes during the year. Even tho' I don't play anymore, I still like to listen the game every year. I thought I wouldn't be able to today - I was having problems connecting to the station on my computer. I was persistent, and was finally able to get through - yay! I like the music and I like to see how many questions I can answer on my own. I've been able to find a bunch, but none of the ones I found were really hard questions. The team I was on is usually in the top twenty. When I first checked the scores, they were down in the sixties somewhere, but now I see that they are in 31rst place - which is still very respectable considering that there are over 400 teams playing. I'm just used to them being near the top. There is still a long way to go, so there is still hope! The Trivia home page here for more information on the game.

Last night I got to watch one of my Top-Ten-Favorite-Movies-of-All-Time on the big screen. The Riviera Theater showed Monty Python and the Holy Grail - it was a lot of fun. As much as I like watching the movie at home on TV, I love the atmosphere of sitting in a theater full of people who like the show as much as I do. The show also included 24 seconds of not-seen-before footage. It was pretty easy to pick out and pretty funny.

I've watched Survivor since the first season. I am the first to admit that it's not as fun to watch as it used to be... the challenges always seem to be the same and the people that they pick don't seem to be as interesting as they used to be. I still watch every season, tho' - probably more out of habit than anything. But I am glad I watched this past Thursday. The moment when Jason tried to convince Eliza that the fake Immunity Idol he found - the one that Ozzy made - was the real thing was absolutely priceless. He was supposed to give it to Eliza to save her from being voted out.

"This isn't the Idol - It's just a stick!"
"Yes it is."
"No it's not - It's just a stick!"
"It is the Idol... It's got a face on it - see?"
"No it doesn't - it's just a stick!"

I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time.

And for the record, I was glad to see Eliza go - I didn't like her the first time around, either. I'm rooting for Ozzy.

On a more serious note, I couldn't agree more with this post from BUFFALOg. I can't stand the politicians in New York. Ugh.

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