Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not Art

Well, last weekend we made it to the Albright Knox Art Gallery, but didn't get to participate in Maple Weekend. I wish we had swapped what we chose to do. The art gallery was not what it used to be. The Jennifer Steinkamp exhibit was pretty cool, but the rest of it was pretty much a waste in my opinion.

It looks like they got rid of all the paintings that were art - meaning the pieces that actually look like something and someone went to some kind of effort to make it look recognizable.
I don't totally hate modern art. Some of it is neat, but a lot of it I just don't consider art. Just about everything that was on display looked like something a five year old could do. How hard is it to take a piece of canvas and paint it blue? And don't tell me that it's the color of blue that makes the difference. I can take a sample of any color in the world, go to Home Depot and get a gallon of it while I wait. Give me a canvas and fifteen minutes and I could do the same thing.

Just about all of the things that I had fun looking at when I was growing up were gone. The mirror room was still there, but under repair so we couldn't go in. Everything else was gone. Even the Campbell soup cans. So much was gone, one could go through the whole building in a little over an hour if they took their time. At $10 a ticket to get in and $8 for parking (if you don't get your ticket validated), I don't find visiting the Albright Knox art gallery a very good value. I can't image paying for a family to go in. I don't think I'll be going back for a very long time. If at all.

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