Monday, May 11, 2009


I am not a huge fan of Facebook. I signed up a while ago, but I don't do too much on it. I guess I just don't get all the SuperPokes and iSmiles and the hundreds of other things the people 'do' to each other. Some of the quizzes are fun, but I hate that you have to send them to ten other people to get the results. And I don't get how people have the time to update their homepage every half hour - "Got up and had breakfast", "Out the door to get to work", "Arrived at work", "Had a cup of coffee" etc., etc., etc... Ugh. Is this what the cyberworld has devolved into? Even when I had a diary as a kid, it wasn't that detailed. I also don't find Facebook to be the easiest application to navigate. More than once I've found myself not being able to get There from Here.

There is one highlight to Facebook - Farm Town. Some friends from work introduced this to me. I like Farm Town. Maybe it's because I like gardening in real life that I find this so fascinating... Or maybe because it it's just fun. Farm Town is pretty much the only reason I log onto Facebook. I like watching my farm grow and rearranging things. The animals are fun to watch - the pigs and bunnies are the funniest so far. And it's fun to make money and buy things :) Right now I have my eye on a big red barn and a silo. I still have some levels to go before I can get those, but that will give me time to save...

In real life, I've planted my lettuce and peas. I think even with the frost advisories the seeds will be OK (I can't believe there was frost on the ground this morning!). It will be a little while before they start coming up, so hopefully the frost threats will be done by then. This year I'm trying two different kinds of lettuce - iceburg and romaine. We'll see how that pans out. I bought my tomatoes and peppers today, but I won't be putting them in the ground for a little while yet. If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I'm hoping to get another couple of my beds prepared.

Spring is the most time consuming part of my garden. Once all the beds are weeded and tilled, the rest of the year is a piece of cake. I'm about halfway done before I can sit back and relax!

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