Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Well, The Ladies are definitely molting - there are feathers everywhere!  Watching The Ladies walk around is almost like a cartoon – they literally leave a trail of feathers in their wake.  The brown chickens look pretty much the same except for white patches here and there.  Nugget looks like she lost a few pounds of feathers...  I tried taking pictures, but none came out any good 

Along with the molting, egg production has dropped way down.  Instead of getting four to five eggs a day, I’ve been getting one or two – and one of the two has been crushed most of the time.  I think that either someone needs to lose some weight or they need to be a bit more careful when maneuvering around in the nesting box.  I’m going to add another F5 bar and add some more padding in there…  hopefully that will help  crossed fingers


On a side note…  when I watch TV, I like to leave the closed caption on.  It helps me catch a lot of stuff I’m sure I didn’t hear right.  It is also pretty entertaining on it’s own.  When watching this week’s episode of Chuck, there was a scene where the good guys were taking down the bad guys and one of the bad guys was having his neck broken by a good guy (that sounds a lot more violent than it was rolleyes ) – the caption at that moment read “sudden squishy crack'”.

Hmmm….  I guess that fits.

I suppose when you really think about it, it could be kind of hard to describe sounds of what’s going on to people who can’t hear  shrug   laughing

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