Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Bullets

  • An update on The Ladies' sleeping arrangements…  it seems to be changing every night now.  They are all over the place – sometimes all on the nesting boxes, sometimes all on the roosting shelf sometimes they are split.  Cocoa seems to be the Problem Child.  To me it looks like she’s the one next to one other Lady while the rest are somewhere else.  And it looks like a different Lady draws the short straw each night.  We’ll see how it long it takes for them to fall into a pattern again…


  • So we decided not to go to Rolling Hills for the tours that they were offering during October.  It sounded like the tours were more of a haunted house type thing, so we are going to try and get ten people together for the minimum required and go on one of their regular historical tours.


  • Elections were pretty much a bust for me.  Mostly everyone I voted for lost.  Everyone complains about how high taxes are and how New York politics don’t do anything to help the average citizen or move the area ahead at all…  and yet all the same people are voted into office year after year.  How can we expect things to change for the better when we don’t put people into office who want to try and fix things?


  • You know how life has it’s peaks and valleys?  I feel like I’m in a valley right now.  A lot of things aren’t going right and the rest are a big struggle.  I’ve had tough times before for sure, but this feels different.  Worse.  I sure hope that things turn around soon.


  • Tonight the clocks get set back to Standard Time.  Why is it when we gain that extra hour of sleep, we don’t notice it all – but when we lose it in the spring, it feels like we lost six or seven hours of sleep?  Ugh.

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