Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Ride

So before Christmas, I finally bit the bullet and traded in the Jillmobile. 

It needed to be done – I was getting tired of taking her into the shop every few weeks…  Not to mention, the cost.

I think I would have liked to get another pickup, but when I saw the price of used ones, I knew that was out of the question.  I went with my next best option:  an SUV.  They can haul pretty much what I need from Home Depot, they can pull a trailer and are priced much more reasonably.  After much research, I had narrowed down what I would have preferred, but discovered that what looks good in reviews doesn’t necessarily match real life.

I ended up getting a Jeep Liberty.  It’s still old, but it has a lot less miles than my Dakota had.  It had a few issues, but the place I bought it from is being good about taking care of them.  All-in-all, I am pretty happy with it so far.  There’s not as much room in the back as I had with my pickup, but I love the way it handles in the snow.  The inside is really well laid out – it’s very roomy and comfortable.  And the engine looks pretty accessible, so I’m hoping I won’t have too hard of a time taking care of a lot of the maintenance myself.  I think my biggest complaint is the gas mileage – it’s pretty awful…  I think it’s worse than I got with the Dakota.  I’m going to keep track of the gas and mileage for another few weeks, just to see if my first mpg results are the same.  I’m really hoping I made a mistake somewhere  crossed fingers

I hate having a car payment now, too.

Here’s hoping that I get many good years out of the new Jillmobile!

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