Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Gear

When it comes to cars, I am by no means a gearhead.  I don’t understand people who spend their evenings at car shows, wandering from car to car looking at engines and fenders and the like.  Boooooooring  zzz

That being said, I enjoy watching Top Gear.  I don’t watch it regularly, but when I do, it has never failed to make me laugh.  And of course I’m talking about the original BBC version, not the crappy US remake.  I tried watching the new version on the History Channel and it was pretty awful.  The cast just doesn’t have the charisma of the BBC guys…  they weren’t very entertaining to me.

It amazes me sometimes (most of the time?) how remakes can totally ruin something really good.

I would love the chance to have a go around their track and see where I would rate on their board.  I have a bit of a lead foot and I’d like to think that I would end up at least somewhere in the middle of their ranking board.  I guess we’ll never know, tho’   rolleyes

This is the first part of one of my favorite episodes.  If you get the chance to watch the whole thing – do it… the last part is soooo funny  laughing  

Unfortunately, the only place I can find the whole episode is on iTunes… but it’s totally worth the 99¢ – just search for Top Gear US Road Trip.

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