Monday, January 28, 2008


Today was the anniversary of the Blizzard of '77. A bunch of emails have been going around with pictures of the storm, but the best composition I've seen is here...

I didn't hear anything about it on TV or on the radio today at all. I thought it was kind of weird. Even tho' it was so long ago, usually someone mentions it somewhere... Maybe everyone is just trying to forget about it already. Right now, I'm just happy that there was finally a break in the cold spell we've been having. I think it was in the 30's today. Yay!

And speaking of anniversaries, Legos turned 50 today. I never got to play much with Legos when I was a kid - they were too expensive for us. I had the knock-offs, tho', and they were a lot of fun. I remember trying to collect enough to build a wall in the middle of my bedroom. I never got too far with that. Anyway, right now the coolest thing Legos have out is the new Indiana Jones Legos. Who wouldn't love to have their very own Lego Indy?

And in case anyone cares: Clothes I can't breathe in didn't change my luck in Killer Bunnies :)

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