Thursday, January 3, 2008

Find a Penny

Last year on New Year's Day - I'm talking about January 1, 2007 - I found a penny. It gave me the idea to save all the pennies (and other currency) I find all year and see how much cash I really could collect by not passing up that penny in the street. The results are in...

Over the course of 2007, I collected a grand total of $11.14. I was pretty surprised by how much accumulated over the year. I do have to say tho', that I did find a $5 bill during the year, which really bumped up the grand total. I never ever found anything as big as $5 before, so I kind of consider that a fluke. Nevertheless, I did find it :)

Here's the breakdown:
$5 - 1
$1 - 1
.25 - 4 (one was Canadian)
.10 - 18
.05 - 4
.01 - 114

I thought it was a fun and worthwhile experiment.
I was going to just leave it at that.
On Tuesday - January 1, 2008 - I found a penny.
I think I'm going to try it again :)

But to be fair - and it makes the experiment a little more interesting - I have a different job now. I am not 'out-and-about' as much as I used to be. I am curious to see what the total for this year is going to be.

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