Saturday, October 25, 2008

Channel 4

I'm down to my last five tomatoes. I picked them right before I left for Philadelphia. While I was away we had a really hard frost, and I wasn't able to cover the plants so they all died. All I have left now is five tomatoes' worth of vBLT's. ~sigh~ Maybe the price of tomatoes will come down at the supermarket. Maybe they would even taste good. Probably not. I already can't wait for fresh tomatoes next year :)

The weather guys are saying that we have a chance of a couple feet of snow early next week. I guess it's a small window of 'opportunity', but it's there. There are still a lot of leaves on the trees, so here's hoping we don't have another event of October Storm infamy...

Speaking of snow, the New York State Golden Snowball Award site is back into action for the season :)

I think that LIN Television really blew it when they tried to bully Time Warner. The longer I don't have Channel 4, the more I don't miss it. The shows they air that I like (The Amazing Race, Survivor, etc.) I can see either on the Canadian channels or online. Plus, while Channel 4 and 23 are off the air, I get free HBO from TW. Channel 4 can stay off the air as long as it likes!

I am curious to see how this is all going to get resolved. LIN Television is probably going to end up begging TW to take them back. Wouldn't it be ironic if it ended up costing them money, instead of them making the extra they wanted in the first place?

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