Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yay! We didn't get all the snow that we had the potential of getting. I like snow, but I'm not ready for real snow yet. Tuesday morning there was snow on the grass and on my truck, but it was only 1/4" - if that. It sure was cold tho'. The forecast looks really nice for the next few days, relatively speaking. Yay again!

It was really cold overnight, and the water in the chickens' waterer was frozen this morning. It was funny watching the babies trying to get a drink. They now know what ice is :) And yes - I gave them fresh water.

Channel 4 is back - I'm actually watching Survivor on the TV instead of my computer monitor. I think I would rather watch it on my computer and keep the free HBO.

Why is it when I go grocery shopping, and there are only five people in the whole store, no matter what it is I am looking to purchase, one of those five people is standing *exactly* where I want to be???? Why can't I have that kind of luck when it comes to the lottery?

I hope I don't forget to turn my clock back Saturday night.

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