Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Frosty Chickens Who Don't Know Where They are Going

OK not really, but the title covers most of the post :)

Last night we had the first frost of the season. I was really glad that I covered my tomato plants. The parts of the plants they were sticking out from under the tarp don't look so good, but most of them still look OK. I am definitely not ready to give up my (veggie) bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches quite yet, so I hope that I'll be getting tomatoes for a while yet. From the time that my tomatoes start ripening up until the time when the plants stop producing, I gorge myself on vBLT's. Tomatoes from the store just don't taste very good, not to mention that they are waaaay too expensive, so this is the only time of year I allow myself to indulge in the yumminess of the vBLT. And I take full advantage of fresh tomatoes from the garden - Mmmmm!

Every morning, when I let the chickens out of the coop for the day, I like to watch them for a while before I have to get ready for work. They are very entertaining, and it's interesting watching the baby chicks grow. Today I noticed something I didn't really think about before - one of the chicks looks an *awful* like the bantam I have. I'm willing to bet that Mama Chicken wasn't sitting on only her eggs - I think that the bantam snuck one of her eggs in clutch! Time will tell :)

My GPS officially died over the weekend. It was in it's death throes the last few times I've used it, but the inevitable finally happened. I don't use it every day, but I do feel lost without it. I needed to do some maintenance on one of my caches over the weekend, and of course that's when my beloved Garmin Legend decided to bite the dust. Fortunately my brother-in-law loaned me his GPS so I could take care of business. I have a new Legend CX ordered and can't wait for it to get here. I have a travel bug that I need to moving, so that will be the christening when I get it.

I know that it's been blogged to death already, but to put in my two-cents worth I hope that Time Warner doesn't give in to Channel 4. I definitely have my issues with Time Warner, but they are definitely in the right here .
LIN Television’s side of the story is here and Time Warner’s side is here. Time Warner had better not cave in on this.

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