Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the...???

OK, so I decided to finally sit down and do my taxes. This year they are pretty straight forward, so I wasn't anticipating any problems - except for a couple years when I had cashed in some stocks, I've usually done my taxes myself.

I chose TaxAct to do the nasty deed online, a program I've used many times before. This year, the program was pretty bad. There was way too much advertising in between the steps, but the worst part was BEFORE I EVEN ENTERED ANY INFORMATION, the program told me that I owed New York State $6!!! What the hell???? (For the record, I got a refund from my state taxes last year. It was very small, but still a refund)

I finished up putting in my information anyway, but didn't finalize anything. I had read on another blog (for the life of me, I can't remember which one) that someone had done their taxes on two different programs and got two different answers. I'm going to try another program and see what I come up there.

Hopefully I'll make out better with another program than what I did with this one - I was reminded that the less money you make, the smaller your refund is :(

Stay tuned!

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