Sunday, April 26, 2009


As I've mentioned before, I pretty much can't cook. I must have either been feeling brave or I just wasn't thinking... I attempted *two* recipes that were new to me. On the same day :0

Well, it turns out that I can make a kick-ass macaroni salad. Who would have ever guessed that there is *mustard* in macaroni salad???? Definitely not me.

I also tried a new crock pot recipe, tweaked to be vegetarian and to my taste naturally. It turned out OK - I think that the fact I used too many noodles didn't help matters any. The macaroni salad needed four cups and the Cavatini only needed two cups. So of course I put four cups of noodles in the crock pot. I think the recipe should have been *really* good if I put in the right amount of noodles, but for now, I'm just adding some extra spaghetti sauce to balance it out and it's still pretty good.

I also made some of my most awesome coleslaw - yum!

I can't believe how many dishes I used. That's probably a big reason why I don't like to cook - I hate cleaning up the mess all the creating creates. Ugh.


I can't wait to see if Time Warner is going to credit us for the half day that we didn't have internet service today. Even tho' the Rigases were ripping off Adelphia, I was a much happier customer with them. Adelphia was cheaper and the customer service was sooooo much better. If there was an outage, I was able to reach a representative quickly and I had answers. Today's outtage aside, I haven't had great experiences with RoadRunner customer service. Today Time Warner's solution seemed to be to just take the phone off the hook so they wouldn't have to talk to customers. (I realize that their phone service was out too, but come on - they don't have back up systems for their customer service??? They couldn't even put out a pre-recorded message that let the customers know what was going on when they called???)

I also hate that if you want to use the web space they 'give' you, you have to use their pre-formatted web pages. I hate them. They are ugly and there aren't many options to personalize them. I also have to close out all of my tool bars to even use the page because their stupid upload and management tools don't even fit on the screen. I also hate that you can't upload using FTP. I can't direct link to anything I upload. It's a real pain to store anything in 'my space' - which I think is absolutely not very customer/user friendly. I can't do a lot of things that I used to when I had my free-for-all space that Adelphia gave us.

I wish we had another cable company in the area to compete against. In Ohio they have WOW! cable competing against Time Warner. You can get digital cable and internet for $60 there. For $65, they offer the same package I have. I pay over $105 a month for my cable bill. Verizon isn't much better than Time Warner. I would love to see WOW! here.

I'm not holding my breath in hopes of any kind of credit on my next cable bill.

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