Monday, April 6, 2009


OK - it's April 6th. Yesterday it was 50 degrees outside. I was outside working in my yard, cleaning up my garden. I was (comfortably) changing the oil in my truck. Life was good.

Right now it's 31 degrees out (but feels like 13 degrees - yipee.) and it's snowing.

Um, Yeah.

I can't think of a good segue here, but does anyone find those glittery pictures you always get in forwarded emails as annoying as I do? I think a lot of people must find them cute, because I seem to see and get a lot of them. I don't.

That being said, I found out that glitter text is fun to make :)

So in honor of the weather and glitter things that I don't like:

Glitter Text Generator

Glitter Text Generator

Here's the Glitter Text generator, in case anyone wants to play.

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