Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Downtown Lockport

Al over at his blog has been posting what he calls 'Walking Pictures' from around Lockport. On his walks, he's been taking random pictures and putting them up for us to guess exactly where it was taken. I've been having a lot of fun with it. It's also made me look around a lot closer when I visit downtown Lockport - I make frequent trips to the post office on Main Street (let's just say that EBay is helping me pay my heating bill this winter...).

I've been noticing a lot of little things that I've never paid attention to before - and I can say that I really like the way that Main Street has been fixed up. I like the brick/cobblestone accents. I like the center island with all the pretty flowers along with the other landscaping along the street. I like the way the building fronts are getting fixed up. I hope that they keep going in the direction that they are... they are doing a good job. I'm looking forward (a little bit anyway) to the snowy days - in previous years they had lights on the trees lining the street and they look so pretty when they are lit up and there is snow around.

I just found out that there is a Lockport webcam! I added it to my links above...


I enjoy Uncle Jay Explains the News, but this week was especially good. If you have 3 minutes and 8 seconds to spare, watch the video - Wow That's Fantastic - LOL!


Becky said...

I was just thinking that now that I've "mastered" StubHub maybe I could try ebay, and then my mind blanked out when trying to think of something to sell :)

I have fond memories of the Lockport of my much younger days and almost wrote a blog post about it here!

Jill said...

Write the post! I especially like it when you write posts about the area :) I wish I could make it to downtown Buffalo more often so that I can check out the places you've been photographing...

EBay has become very user friendly over the years - you'll find it a snap to use once you find something to sell!