Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hear Hear!

Yes – I can finally hear!

I’ve had problems with my left ear since I learned to scuba dive many years ago.  I didn’t follow directions and surfaced too quickly one time and since then it’s never been right.  I have to be careful when I sleep on that side – if I do and then I get up too fast, it hurts like the dickens.  And I have to make sure that it’s covered up when it’s cold outside, especially when it’s windy.  Right before Christmas I caught a cold and it aggravated my ear.  It got plugged up on Christmas eve and I wasn’t able to hear out of it since.

Until today!  It’s only a little but, by my ear is finally starting to clear itself up and I can hear *something* out of it.

You don’t realize until you experience it, how debilitating it is to not have all your hearing.  Even with one good ear, I know that I was missing a lot.  Not to mention the fact that what I did hear sounded really weird.

I was looking for an ear-nose-throat doctor to see if they could find out what’s going on because it’s been so long, but thankfully I won’t have to now.  I did learn that when looking for and ENT doctor, that’s not what they are listed under.  You have to find one under “Otolaryngology”.  Who’da thunk it?

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