Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Doctor

I watched Doctor Who a little bit when I was kid.  It was OK.  When I thought of The Doctor, Tom Baker was the image that popped in my head.  Him and that big scarf he always wore…  I watched it a bit, but wasn’t a die-hard fan.

In 2005, the SciFi channel (now SyFy) brought the series to their lineup.  Christopher Eccelston played The Doctor and I absolutely fell in the love with the series.  I thought he was the best Doctor ever.  I couldn’t believe it when he only stayed in the role for a year. 

“There’s no way anyone will be able to be even half as good in the part.”, I thought.

David Tennant became the Tenth Doctor.  That last episode of the 2005/Christopher Eccelston season, I was heartbroken.  But I decided to keep watching the series anyway.  Hey – you never know…

Well, I have to say that David Tennant is far and beyond the best Doctor that ever could be.  And now he is gone, too.

I am highly doubtful that I will like the new Doctor, but I’ll still give him a chance.  Hey – you never know…


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