Thursday, January 28, 2010


So the other day a friend of mine needed to kill some time and stopped in a Target store.  Wandering around he found himself in the toy department and happened to see a Nerf gun.  He decided to get one for a bit of fun.


Nerf Crossfire


The one he picked out was just like this, only in orange (they also come in red and green!).

Imagine his surprise when he reached the checkout counter and found out that he needed to show his driver’s license to buy the toy.

Ummm… who made up that law?  Do they think that anyone would try to rob a bank with an orange, plastic toy that looks like the one pictured????  One that shoots Nerf (foam!) darts?

I would totally understand if the gun even slightly resembled anything real… I could see someone painting a plastic toy black and it might pass as real – but this?  Even it was painted gun-metal black it stil wouldn’t even look close to real.

Yikes.  What’s next?


Unknown said...

You'll shoot your eye out.

Jill said...

LOL - That's probably it!