Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rolling Hills

I guess Ghost Adventures aired an episode from Rolling Hills Asylum this week.  My sister is a big fan of Ghost Adventures – me, not so much… I like Ghost Hunters better (they were there in 2005).  Anyway, I was out in Batavia celebrating my nephew’s third birthday (is he three years old already?????), when we decided to take a ride out to Rolling Hills to see what we could see.

After looking it up on MapQuest, we found out that it is only eight minutes from my sister’s house.

So we get there only to find out that my sister had driven past there bunches of times and never realized what the place was - she thought it was an old school house  rolleyes   I guess in all fairness, the banner out front wasn’t out before AND it looks like they will be offering tours in October…

We are soooo going!

It looked pretty dilapidated and creepy in the day, so I’m sure it’s a whole lot worse at night – I can’t wait to find out laughing


Rolling Hills Asylum


 Rolling Hills Asylum


 Rolling Hills Asylum


Rolling Hills Asylum

(This looks distorted because I stitched together
a few pictures to make a big one)


stephanie said...

That Zak kid bothers the snot out of me (which at this juncture, would be welcome as I am chock-full of snots).
Dude, seriously, the spirits can hear you when you're not addressing them.

I digress.

Went to their site yesterday: in the hopes that they do tours AND THEY DO!
Sadly, I will have to wait until next year... something about this squirmy little being roosting in my uterus.
We want to do the overnight expensive one just because it seems so cool!!!
(Hubs is a skeptic, I'm a believer).

You KNOW you'll have to post about what went down if you do a tour!

Jill said...

As I was looking more closely at the Rolling Hills website, I think that the October tours are more of a haunted house thing than a real/informational tour, but I still think we're going to go anyway. I'll definitely post about it :)

I would *love* to do the overnight one too, but that's too rich for my blood :(

I'm a believer too :)